Hi there, my name is Nathaniel. I am 5 years old and my birthday is April 11th. I just started kindergarten and I am having so much fun.!!!!

I like Blues Clues, Little Bear, cars, trains, tools and Pokemon. My mom says I am a very creative kid and I have a very vivid imagination. I say I just like to take things apart and see how they work. :)

Here is a picture of me and my mom.




And here are some of my favorite things.....


Now Little Bear is one of my favorite shows. I watch it on Nick Jr and have some Little Bear movies at home. I play Little Bear games from the internet and have a Little Bear playdough set. So I guess you could say I am a big fan.

Okay Pokemon. I LOVE Pokemon. I watch them everyday on t.v and I also collect trading cards with my older brother Zack. This year for Halloween I want to be one of the Pokemon but I'm not sure which one yet. So many to choose from. 






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