Okay, got a kleenix handy? The story of my husband and I. It is your typical love story, and I swear every word of it is true, and happened exactly this way.

To start off with, let me explain that when I met my husband, I already had my son Zachary from a previous relationship, that didn't work. Hey things happen!
Alright, we met one night in a club You see me, and my two other girlfriends got stranded there, and we ran into another friend who asked my husband if he could do him a favor and give us all a ride home.I guess he was headed in the other direction, so he couldn't do it.Well, my husband said yes, and little did I know, but he had been staring at me all night, and I happened to be closest to the way he had to go to get home, so I was dropped off last. And fate reared it's beautiful head.

We sat and talked until 5 AM. and I really liked him a lot, but figured he would never call me. Well, the next day around 1 o'clock PM he called, we went out that night, and then I had to tell him. We were moving to Texas. Mind you at the time we met we were in NY state.(We were both born and raised there.) He was upset, and so was I but we figured okay, we will have fun while I was still here. One BIG problem. We fell in love, within the first week. Now it gets hard.We couldn't think of being away from each other, and to never see each other again would have killed us! He also loved my son dearly.

Well, we went on seeing each other for the next two and a half weeks, every night. One night he looks at me and says, "I am coming to Texas, I am not letting you get away from me that easy." I was shocked and never thought it would happen, well to my surprise, it did.

I was here in Texas for 4 days, and he calls me to tell me he will be here in 2 weeks. I could hardly wait, and those had to have been the longest two weeks of my life! But he came. He left his family, a good job, his friends, a band, and came 1500 miles to a strange place alone all the way for 3 days on a bus, just to be with me and my son. who at the time was just a year old!

Well, a marriage and two more sons later, here we are still as much in love as we were when we met, if not more.

Our Wedding

Well, we were married on October 29th 1994, at 2:30 PM, in New York state. We had gone back to live for 2 years, but ended up coming back to Texas in November of 95'. Sounds crazy huh?

It was probably one of the happiest days of my life. I was so nervous, and it showed. I drove everyone crazy, especially my Matron of honor! I just wanted everything to go right. For the most part, it did. I won't ramble on about every detail, just wanted to let you in our day of happiness.





You are listening to "My One True Love"




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