This page displays all of the awards I have received for Mistyes' Hideaway. If you get a chance maybe you can visit the sites where they came from and see the wonderful people who gave me these. :)

My site is still new, so I am hoping to add to this collection quite often.


My very first award.
September 14th 2000

September 2000



September16 2000
Thank You Catt..


I also received this award as a surprise from Catt. Wow what an honor. Thank you sooo much.

September 16th 2000


September 2000.
Thank You Marie!!!

September 2000.
Thank You Sue!!!

September 2000.
Thank You again Sue!!!
This was given to me for my memorial page for my mother. It means so much to me.

September 2000.
This is also from Sue, for my hubbys page.!!!!

September 2000.
Thank you so much Tristen.!!!!

September 2000.
Thank you so much Colleen.!!!!

September 2000.
Thank you Whyte Myst.!!!!

October 2000.
This was in my e mail this morning.
What a surprise!!!
Thank you Esther.!!!!

October 2000.
Thank you so much Misty.!!!!

October 2000.
Thank you Sara.!!!!

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